Brad Slavin Backs Up Paralympics

DMARCReport Backs Up Paralympics by Working With SaaS-Provider Katana Group

San Diego, California- 13th June, 2024

Brad Slavin, CEO of DMARCReport– a DuoCircle subsidiary– in collaboration with Katana Group, proudly announces today their successful fundraising initiative to support the New Zealand Paralympics to have more specially-abled people participate in Para sports. Slavin has always recognized and encouraged the strength of the Paralympics. He believes that, in several instances, the Paralympians are better than their Olympic counterparts but don’t receive the respect and recognition they deserve. 

Under the leadership of Brad Slavin, DMARCReport has been at the forefront of the industry, offering a comprehensive DMARC suite. This suite includes DMARC reporting, monitoring, and protection for parked domains, among other services. The company’s expertise in fortifying domains against email fraud has been instrumental in bolstering cybersecurity measures globally. 

Recently, Brad Slavin and Katana Group, a business that primarily focuses on IT security,  joined forces in a significant collaboration. Their aim is to help monitor the email domains of government agencies, shielding them from phishing, spoofing, and impersonation through email communications done on their behalf. The Katana DMARC platform was launched almost 3 years ago with the intention of controlling the increasing threats of phishing and spoofing, which were wreaking havoc for public and private organizations. 

By utilizing the DMARCReport platform, Katana DMARC is able to furnish its users with comprehensive DMARC reports. These reports are pivotal in email security, offering detailed insights into email authentication results. They empower organizations to comprehend how their domain is being utilized and detect potential misuse or unauthorized use. Through the analysis of these reports, businesses can bolster their email security policies, ensuring that only legitimate emails are dispatched from their domains and fortifying their defenses against phishing and spoofing attacks. This not only safeguards their brand reputation but also enhances email deliverability and overall cybersecurity posture.

“For every email domain secured by our DMARC service, we charge a flat fee of $200 per month. Out of this, 15% of the gross revenue goes directly to supporting Paralympians,” Rielly stated.

“Amid and post-COVID-19, decision-makers across niches cut down on many unnecessary expenses, including DMARC and other cybersecurity protocols. This gave an edge to threat actors who always lurk on the internet to exploit vulnerabilities, hence surging the cybercrime rate,” Brad shared, expressing his concern and the need to propagate the significance of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC collectively. He further added, ‘Now that Google and Yahoo have mandated the deployment of DMARC for both regular and bulk email senders, there has been a significant resurgence in DMARC deployment, especially among government organizations.” 

What motivated Brad to be a part of this initiative was how the New Zealand team gave record-breaking performances in 2020, demonstrating their ability to compete at the highest levels and set new benchmarks for future competitions. What further firmed his admiration for this noble purpose was the youngest athlete, Tupou Neiufi, who, at just 20 years old, brought youthful energy and enthusiasm to the team, symbolizing a bright future for New Zealand’s Paralympic prospects.

Brad Slavin was profoundly moved by the stories of Paralympic athletes who, despite facing immense physical challenges, exhibited unparalleled dedication and spirit at the 2020 games. “These athletes embody the true essence of perseverance and strength,” said Slavin. “Their journeys are not just about sports; they are about overcoming adversity and achieving the extraordinary. This is what motivated me to support the incredible New Zealand Paralympics Team.”

Looking ahead, Brad envisions remaining dedicated to promoting DMARC adoption and report monitoring, which will improve the cyber landscape and make email a safe medium for online communication. He also intends to make his moral and financial contribution to other good causes like the Paralympics. 

For DMARC deployment, reporting, and monitoring, please reach out to Brad’s heroes at or Regarding the Paralympic Games, the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games are scheduled to occur from August 28th to September 8th this year.


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