Use DMARC Reports to Monitor Your Domains

Detailed reports delivered right to your inbox.

DMARC Report helps you take complete control over your company’s domains. We review and analyze every email that claims to come from your domain and send you real-time reports on the ones that fail authentication.

We’ll tell you when attackers spoof your emails and try to send them from incorrect domains. We’ll warn you when your domain’s DNS configuration changes. We’ll even tell you when your emails don’t send due to deliverability issues, security threats, and more. Even better, you’ll get these warnings delivered straight to your inbox.

How Do DMARC Report Alerts Work?

DMARC Report monitors and analyzes all outgoing email that claims to come from your domain. It authenticates every email against your domain and generates an alert whenever an email fails that authentication. That report goes straight to your inbox. There is no portal to log into and no need to wait for results – take action as soon as you see suspicious activity on your domain!

DMARC Report generates alerts when three types of events occur:

DNS configuration changes

DMARC Failures and Forensic Incident reports

Configurable threshold alerts

Enable DNS Monitoring and Protect Users from Email-based Threats

Receive instant notifications when your DNS records change. We monitor SPF, DMARC, BIMI, and MX records constantly.

  • Find out when emails are not delivering as expected and immediately learn what stops them.
  • Gain insight into email security issues with highly visual, human-readable reports that anyone can understand.
  • Configure reports to contain any data you or your company stakeholders want to see.
  • Receive alerts on multiple email addresses, with data privacy-compliant encryption for sensitive email content.
  • Enable and disable alerts with a single click. Decide which email users should receive alerts.
  • Monitor email-based DNS protocols for suspicious behaviors: DMARC, SPF, MX, and BIMI.

Email Notifications Help You Mitigate Security Risks in Real-Time

  • DMARC Report notifies every time an email leaving your domain triggers a DMARC failure. When this happens, it means an attacker may be spoofing your domain.
  • View incident details, email content, and email metadata so you can investigate where reported emails are coming from and why.
  • Configure alerts to contain the information you want to know first so that you can respond instantly.
  • Get email alerts on multiple email addresses so that every cybersecurity stakeholder in your organization can act quickly.
  • Enable and disable alerts with a single click. Encrypt sensitive email content so you remain compliant with data privacy standards.

Configure Thresholds for DMARC Monitoring and Reporting

Customize your DMARC Report to trigger reports when any metric reaches a certain threshold.

  • Monitor email compliance by generating reports as soon as metrics approach critical limits.
  • Establish a timeline for alerts and metric monitoring according to your compliance needs.
  • Receive alerts on multiple email addresses so that compliance stakeholders are kept in the loop.
  • Modify alert specifications and change what the data alerts contain with a single click.

Why Use DMARC Report Alerts?

Alerts help you secure your domain against email spoofing and deliverability problems in real-time. You should not have to monitor your domain’s DMARC reports constantly to ensure secure email deliverability. You need to know when suspicious emails get sent and when legitimate emails fail to send. DMARC Report helps you identify both of those events as soon as they occur.

Start Monitoring Your Domains with DMARC Report