Use DMARC Reports to

Catch Hackers Phishing From Your Domain

Authenticate every email that claims to come from your domain.

Highlighting Our Key Features

Dmarc Report specialize in pioneering comprehensive DMARC solutions, ensuring robust email security and insightful reporting to combat cyber threats effectively. Our expertise lies in fortifying organizations against email fraud, bolstering cybersecurity measures worldwide.

Prevent Email Spoofing

Protect Your Reputation

Guarantee Email Deliverability

Email Spoofing: The First Step to Fraud

More than 90% of cyber attacks begin with email fraud. Cybercriminals hijack your domain and impersonate your users, sending malicious emails to your employees, partners, and customers. From there, you’re only one click away from a devastating data breach or worse.

DMARC Secures Your Email Against Spoofing

DMARC is an email authentication protocol that verifies every email that claims to come from your domain. It is a robust, secure system that distinguishes between genuine senders and malicious phishing attempts. Deploy DMARC Report to secure your organization against fraud.

Use DMARC Report to Protect Your Brand Against Costly Cyberattacks

CEO Fraud.

Cybercriminals can use your domain to impersonate high-level executives at your company, approving transfers and gaining access to sensitive data easily.a

Fake Invoices.

Hackers can impersonate your company’s vendors and generate realistic invoices that your accountants will pay. By the time you find out they’re fake, it’s too late.

Login Credential Theft.

Threat actors can impersonate your customer support team and steal data from customers and vendors, then use the data they find to extort you.

Illegal Activities.

Cybercriminals can sell illegal goods like weapons and drugs online using your domain as a cover. This protects them from discovery and exposes you to legal risk.

Ransomware Attacks.

Attackers attach ransomware to spoofed emails and try to trick unsuspecting users into clicking. Protect your team by keeping ransomware out of your inbox. 

Legal Liability.

You may be legally liable for the crimes that hackers commit using your domain name. Victims may sue you for not protecting their data well enough.

Find Out Where Malicious Emails Are Coming From

Real-time geographical reports offer in-depth forensics you can use to identify attackers and conduct threat intelligence. DMARC Report gives you full visibility into attack patterns that InfoSec specialists can use to improve your resilience to future attack attempts.

Make Us Your White-Label DMARC Partner

We’re a multi-tenant platform with a unique white-label partnership model that lets MSSPs deploy best-in-class DMARC authentication and reporting solutions. Customize your plan, connect your billing system, and personalize our platform with your branding so that your customers can safely send and verify their emails.

Getting Started with DMARC Report in 4 Steps

Implementing DMARC Report on your domain is easy:

Deploy DMARC Report.

Configure your domain and set up a DMARC policy with our user-friendly installation wizard. Finish deployment in mere minutes – no guesswork is necessary!

Analyze Email Traffic.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll gain real-time insight into emails that claim to come from your domain. Get instant reports on emails that fail DMARC authentication!

Enforce DMARC Policies.

Analyze your DMARC reports and instantly see which emails are genuine and which ones are suspicious. Investigate suspicious emails in real-time.

Meet Compliance Standards.

Configure your DMARC policy to meet data privacy and security standards your customers and partners demand and keep users safe against spoofed emails!

Test Your Domain Right Now

Run a free real-time email authentication assessment for free with our purpose-built email security analysis tool.

Why Choose DMARC Report?

  • Take Down Malicious IPs

Report malicious IP addresses to us, and we’ll have our security operations team take them down for you. Our security operations center runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with a full staff of email security and threat intelligence experts.

  • Achieve Compliance On-Demand

Report malicious IP addresses to us, and we’ll have our security operations team take them down for you. Our security operations center runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with a full staff of email security and threat intelligence experts.

  • Leverage AI-Powered Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence engine uses AI to identify abusive IP addresses based on behavioral and historical data. Our platform will provide you with a comprehensive history of malicious actors so you can blacklist them with confidence.

  • Improve Email Authentication with BIMI

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) technology enables email inboxes to display brand logos next to verified email messages. This gives recipients a simple, clear indicator that the message is genuine.

  • Encrypt Sensitive DMARC Reports

When you generate a report on an email that contains sensitive data, the report is considered sensitive as well. Our solution encrypts sensitive report data to comply with robust data privacy protection regulations.

  • Use TLS Encryption to Deliver Email

MTA-STS is an inbound email security protocol that tells senders to deliver mail to your domain using a secure, TLS encrypted connection. Use our hosted MTA-STS solution to improve the security of inbound emails and protect your employees from external threats.

Use These Free DMARC DNS Tools Today

DMARC Record Generator

SPF Record Generator

DKIM Record Generator

It’s Time to Protect Your Brand From Malicious Email Attacks

Deploy DMARC Report and gain in-depth insight into the emails that claim to come from your domain. Improve deliverability and catch cybercriminals quickly.