Top Valimail’s Alternatives to DMARC Report Monitoring

While Valimail is a well-known choice for DMARC report monitoring, several alternatives offer strong features and capabilities to enhance email security. When selecting a DMARC solution, consider the specific needs and requirements of your organization

Exploring these alternatives can help you find the best DMARC monitoring solution to protect your email domain from spoofing and phishing attacks:


EasyDMARC is a cloud-based DMARC solution designed to enhance email security by offering organizations comprehensive visibility into email authentication and enforcement. This platform equips users with a range of reports and alerts, which serve as valuable tools for monitoring and evaluating their DMARC implementation. With EasyDMARC, organizations can efficiently track their progress in aligning email authentication protocols, such as SPF and DKIM, and gain insights into email traffic behavior.


OnDMARC offers crucial visibility into email authentication and enforcement efforts, helping organizations strengthen their email protection. It provides a range of reports and alerts that offer valuable insights into an organization’s DMARC progress and potential email security threats. With these features, organizations can effectively monitor and manage their DMARC policies, gain a deeper understanding of their email ecosystem, and promptly identify and address any unauthorized or suspicious email activities.

DMARC Report 

DMARC Report provides comprehensive email security services, such as DMARC analysis and reporting, DMARC implementation support, and anti-spoofing training and education. DMARC Report can help your organization protect itself from email spoofing and phishing attacks by helping you identify unauthorized senders using your domain name to send emails.

It also allows you to monitor your DMARC implementation and ensure that it is working as intended. With DMARC Report, you can not only identify and mitigate email threats but also troubleshoot email delivery issues.


Mimecast DMARC Analyzer is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to bolster their email security by providing critical visibility, reporting, and actionable insights into their DMARC implementation, ultimately enhancing protection against phishing, spoofing, and other email-based threats.

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer primarily focuses on email authentication and enforcement, providing in-depth insights into email traffic and the sources of emails originating from your domain. By analyzing these reports, you can identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized senders using your domain name or email spoofing attempts.


Agari is a provider of email security solutions that help organizations protect their email infrastructure from phishing, malware, and other attacks. Agari’s solutions use a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human expertise to identify and block threats before they reach users’ inboxes. Real-time email intelligence and Agari’s DMARC capabilities enable organizations to analyze and monitor email traffic, providing insights into potential threats and unauthorized email use.


Proofpoint is a provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions that help organizations protect their people, data, and infrastructure from cyberattacks. Proofpoint offers a comprehensive email security suite, which includes DMARC analysis and reporting tools. With Proofpoint, you can gain visibility into your email ecosystem, monitor DMARC reports, and take action to protect your domain from phishing and spoofing attacks. Their solution provides advanced threat intelligence and can help automate the enforcement of DMARC policies.


Barracuda Networks’ multi-faceted offerings include email security, which safeguards email communications from phishing, malware, and other threats. They also provide web security, which secures web browsing by filtering malicious content and enforcing security policies. Network security is another core aspect, focusing on fortifying the organization’s network infrastructure against intrusion and data breaches. Plus, Barracuda offers application security, protecting the vital software and applications businesses rely on from vulnerabilities and attacks. 


GreatHorn is a prominent provider of advanced email security and phishing prevention solutions, combining cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning with human expertise. By integrating these elements, GreatHorn’s solutions are highly effective in the early detection and prevention of phishing emails. They work diligently to intercept and block these malicious emails before they can infiltrate users’ inboxes, significantly enhancing the overall email security posture of organizations.  


Trustwave helps organizations shield their sensitive information, critical applications, and network assets from cyber threats. Through a combination of managed security services, security testing, and risk management, Trustwave equips organizations with the tools and expertise needed to proactively defend against evolving cyberattacks and maintain a robust cybersecurity posture.

SecurityGateway™ for Email Servers

SecurityGateway Email Security Software – MDaemon Technologies, Ltd. not only monitors DMARC reports but also actively enforces DMARC policies. This ensures that only legitimate emails from authorized senders are allowed through, significantly reducing the risk of phishing attacks and unauthorized email use. It offers a variety of security features, such as anti-phishing mechanisms, content filtering, malware detection, and threat intelligence integration. These tools work together to identify and mitigate phishing attacks and other email-borne threats, safeguarding an organization’s email communications from malicious actors.


SpamTitan is a cloud-based email security solution that incorporates DMARC monitoring and enforcement. It helps organizations defend their email infrastructure against spam, phishing, and other malicious email threats. This solution offers a range of features to identify and mitigate these threats, enhancing email security.

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Guardz is a cloud-based email security solution with DMARC monitoring and enforcement functionalities. It provides real-time reporting on DMARC authentication results. Guardz can be configured to enforce an organization’s DMARC policy. This means that Guardz will block emails that fail DMARC authentication, regardless of the sender’s reputation.

Guardz also provides a DMARC aggregation service that can be used by organizations to collect and analyze DMARC reports from multiple email servers. This can help organizations to get a more complete picture of their DMARC performance.


Trustifi uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify and block malicious emails, including phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and malware. Trustifi encrypts all outbound emails by default so that sensitive data is protected even if the email is intercepted or compromised. It also scans all inbound emails for spam, malware, and other threats. Trustifi provides detailed reports and analytics on email traffic, threats, and other security metrics.


GoDMARC is a cloud-based DMARC solution that focuses on email authentication and enforcement. It provides organizations with reports and alerts to track their DMARC progress and identify potential threats. GoDMARC can help organizations identify unauthorized senders using their domain name to send emails. This can help organizations prevent phishing attacks and other forms of email fraud. It is an easy-to-use solution that can help organizations improve their email security and protect their customers


Skysnag is a cloud-based email security solution that includes DMARC monitoring and enforcement. It authenticates emails using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, helping to ensure that emails are from the sender they claim to be from. Skysnag filters out spam emails before they reach users’ inboxes, protects users from phishing attacks by identifying and blocking malicious emails, sandboxes suspicious emails to prevent them from executing malware on users’ devices, and provides detailed reporting and analytics to help organizations track their email security performance and identify areas for improvement.

Skysnag can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and it is easy to use and manage. It is also highly scalable, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Final Words

These cloud-based email security solutions play a crucial role in helping organizations protect their email communications from spam, phishing, and other email-related threats. For more information, visit our website today and book a demo here.

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