Detect and Address Email Misconfigurations the Easy Way

Integrate TLS connectivity reporting into your DMARC report.

TLS Reporting Made Simple

TLS reports enable enterprises to identify email deliverability issues that occur when emails aren’t properly encrypted. This standard was first documented by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in September 2018, and it’s now a standard of enterprise email security.

Implement TLS Reports In DMARC Report

DMARC Report is a comprehensive email authentication and deliverability solution that supports the generation of TLS reports. We convert the reports from complicated JSON files to simple, readable documents you can immediately share with anyone – coding knowledge not necessary.

  • TLS-RPT is fully integrated in DMARC Report. Simply enable SMTP TLS reporting from your domain and DMARC Report will include TPS data in the reports it generates.
  • We generate TLS reports in two easily readable formats, giving users intuitive visibility into email deliverability issues:

Aggregate Reports Per Result:

Aggregate Reports Per Sending Source:

  • DMARC Report automatically detects the email delivery issues your users face and provides you with all the data you need to resolve them quickly and professionally.

Support MTA-STS Email Security Protocol

  • TLS-RPT supports the MTA-STS protocol that ensures all emails coming into your domain are encrypted. The email server that sends the email (the Mail Transfer Agent, or MTA) verifies whether the receiving server can perform TLS encryption. If it does, the email is encrypted.
  • Without MTA-STS, threat actors can replace the TLS verification with a malicious command that gives them the ability to view and edit email content without you or the sender ever knowing.
  • Implementing MTA-STS makes it so that servers always send emails over an encrypted connection. If attackers try to tamper with encrypted email content, the email won’t send at all.
  • TLS-RPT collects data on emails that don’t send due to attempted cybercriminal tampering. Your reports show exactly why emails aren’t sending, and alert you to suspicious activity.

Want to know more about how these protocols work? Find out more in our detailed guide on TLS-RPT technology.

Why Enterprises Need SMTP TLS Reporting Capabilities

  • Get immediate notifications when emails fail to deliver and find out why.
  • Gain visibility on all email channels and identify suspicious activities early.
  • Offer highly visual, in-depth reports to users, stakeholders, and executives.

Guarantee email deliverability and reduce security risks – Deploy DMARC Report with TLS-RPT Today!