Change log

Version 4.2.2 Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Fixed issues with report consistency. If members of your team are in a different time zone they will see different reports. Synchronized now to the time zone of the team creator.

IP addresses were not displaying in the summary view with message volume. Fixed

Weekly reports sent to users that did not specifically enable it – Fixed

Notifications not loading or taking a long time to load – Fixed

API endpoint documentation updated to include Teams.

Version 4.2 Thursday, April 13, 2023

Cleanup of some issues generated with the switch to the new teams flow.

Summary and DMARC policy display have been improved. It is now easier to track your policy and what each of the flags mean and how they impact your reports.

Tagging – Small bug fix that did not allow for color changing.

SSL issues for MTA-STS and subdomains have been fixed.

Weekly update emails have been updated and the schedule fixed.

Other bugs that were generating 500 errors and impacting the overall system stability.

Version 4.0 Thursday, February 16, 2023

We are excited to announce our latest update to the system, which includes several improvements for everyone. Here are the details:

Notifications now load properly: We fixed an issue where the notification section would not display results if you had over 100 forensic reports. This problem has been resolved, and you can now access your notifications without any issues.

Reporting data is now consistent: We fixed inconsistencies between overview, summary, and details regarding the number of messages processed. We now build each dashboard at the same time, rather than updating with a staggered schedule. This improvement ensures that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

CSV Export for domain: You can now export a list of your reports so that you can work on them offline. This improvement makes it easier to manage your progress on getting DMARC alignment, especially for those who want to track changes to their DKIM / SPF settings in Excel.

Better detection logic for bad DMARC records on import: We have improved our sanity checker for domains with misconfigured DMARC records, especially those with random text or syntactically invalid records. This ensures that your records are correctly configured, and your data is accurate.

Interface fix for domain and sub-domain headers: We fixed an interface issue on the overview screen where the headers of domains and sub-domains were not aligned. This fix ensures that your data is presented in a clear and organized way.

HEX color picker for Teams: We resolved an issue with the HEX color picker that was not allowing users to switch colors on Teams. You can now change colors without any problems.

Account labels can now be changed: We added a highly requested feature to rename an account label after it has been created. This feature gives you more control over your account labels.

We also fixed some issues that impacted some users:

Appsumo unlimited domains: We fixed an issue with Appsumo unlimited domains not being displayed correctly in the account screen. This fix ensures that your data is displayed accurately.

500 error during login: We fixed a system-wide issue that was causing a 500 error during login. This issue occurred when someone had multiple accounts and logged into another account without first logging out of the first account. This problem has been resolved, and you can now log in without any issues.

DMARC report not received: We fixed an issue where the system was not triggering the instructions to rebuild some of the summary views, causing the system to complain that we had not received your first report, when clearly there was activity in the account. This issue has been resolved, and you can now access your reports without any problems.

We hope you find these improvements helpful and look forward to providing you with more updates in the future. Thank you for using our software!

Version 3.7 Friday, Nov 25

This upgrade addressed several issues with imports of XML files and the generation of PDF reports. We are getting ready for the deployment of the revised teams approach and better SAML integration and audit logging.

  1. Support files with content-type ‘application/zip’ and ‘application/x-zip-compressed’
  2. Zip file should have all .xml files
  3. Zip file can contain folder in it
  4. Zip file cant contain any other zip file in it

Version v3.6.1

Changes were mainly internal. No customer-facing features.

  • Corrected Shared domains widgets layout inconsistency
  • Shared domains widgets layout inconsistency

Version 3.3 – Friday, Aug 26

Change Email – The most requested feature has been added. You can now update your own email address. You will need to confirm the changed email address before you can login, but you can now update it yourself.

Summary Email Formatting – The summary email has ben shortened and will only include domains that have any traffic or changes. This helps to keep the emails concise and manageable.

Widgets are back! – You will have to specify the website where widgets will be embedded as part of our Web Servers Content Security Policy. If the website is not specified the widgets will not load.

Version 3.5

  • Whitelabel Activation URL and logo
  • Whitelabel Activation URL and logo

Various interface improvements – Date selector etc.

Version 3.2 – Friday Aug 19 2022

Fixed SPF record generator. Removed extra spaces.

Monthly reporting – Improvements on the date range selector for monthly reports.

White label improvements – Activation emails, activation URL, and logo usage.

Invited read user access has been fixed. They can no longer add a new domain.

Improved weekly email reporting, added a summary section, and removed domains without any records from the report.

Dashboard math improvements – Added better checking between reporting periods of multiple types of reports.

Version 3.1 – Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The timeline has been updated to address some visual clutter. Previously, we tracked even minor changes to SPF records, including when the IPs within an include were updated. Now we just add the visual indicator when a top-level change is made to the SPF record, like adding or removing an include statement. This will cut down on the noise level in the timeline.

Lag time in updating the DMARC reporting status in the Domains dashboard. Previously records were updated 4 times per day, it has been increased to 12 times per day, and the on-demand rescan updates in real-time.

Forensic reports are now a trigger option for alerting.

Email reports are getting a cleaner look. There is now a summary at the top of the report with all domains, rather than having a long list of domains to review. This is especially helpful to customers with hundreds or thousands of domains to track.

Version 3.0 – Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This update includes mostly behind the scenes bug fixes. A total of 39 different issues were addressed, these are the ones that can be seen in the interface.

  • White label Activation URL and logo – If a customer has a white label domain. Send invitations with their logo and when they click go to their domain and not the default landing page.
  • Strip www from the domain creation – Input validation, a domain name should not have www in front. Do not allow it to be added.
  • 500 Errors most often happens after free account creation – Some free users were getting a 500 error immediately after account creation.
  • Password reset emails for white label – If a customer has a white label domain. Send password resets with their logo.
  • Helper Text Flashing – Fixed CSS issue.
  • Threats and Quarantine count does not match with the count in Aggregated Reporters in Listings page.
  • “DataTables warning: table id=table-with- – Ajax error” is getting displayed when expanding unknown in Failures tab in MTA-STS Reports.

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