Change log

Version 3.1 – Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The timeline has been updated to address some visual clutter. Previously, we tracked even minor changes to SPF records, including when the IPs within an include were updated. Now we just add the visual indicator when a top-level change is made to the SPF record, like adding or removing an include statement. This will cut down on the noise level in the timeline.

Lag time in updating the DMARC reporting status in the Domains dashboard. Previously records were updated 4 times per day, it has been increased to 12 times per day, and the on-demand rescan updates in real-time.

Forensic reports are now a trigger option for alerting.

Email reports are getting a cleaner look. There is now a summary at the top of the report with all domains, rather than having a long list of domains to review. This is especially helpful to customers with hundreds or thousands of domains to track.

Version 3.0 – Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This update includes mostly behind the scenes bug fixes. A total of 39 different issues were addressed, these are the ones that can be seen in the interface.

  • White label Activation URL and logo – If a customer has a white label domain. Send invitations with their logo and when they click go to their domain and not the default landing page.
  • Strip www from the domain creation – Input validation, a domain name should not have www in front. Do not allow it to be added.
  • 500 Errors most often happens after free account creation – Some free users were getting a 500 error immediately after account creation.
  • Password reset emails for white label – If a customer has a white label domain. Send password resets with their logo.
  • Helper Text Flashing – Fixed CSS issue.
  • Threats and Quarantine count does not match with the count in Aggregated Reporters in Listings page.
  • “DataTables warning: table id=table-with- – Ajax error” is getting displayed when expanding unknown in Failures tab in MTA-STS Reports.

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