DMARC for Parked Domains

Instant DMARC Monitoring for Maximum Security

In today’s digital world, even dormant domains need protection. Parked DMARC is your reliable sentinel, guarding your domains that are on standby but still vulnerable. For just $1.00 per year, per domain, with a minimal commitment of 25 domains, you can protect your brand and report on any possible misuse.

Why Choose Parked DMARC?

  • Immediate Alerts: Get real-time notifications whenever a DMARC record is triggered. We inform you the moment there’s any activity, helping you stay one step ahead of any potential misuse.
  • Simple Yet Powerful: No clutter, no hassle. You won’t be bogged down with complex reports, but you will receive the essential information — a copy of the triggered XML, straight to your inbox.
  • Designed for Vigilance: Ideal for companies monitoring their brands, individuals with parked domains, and anyone who needs to keep a watchful eye without the need for full-scale DMARC reporting.
  • Effortless Management: Access our straightforward admin dashboard designed for ease and efficiency, allowing you to manage your domains effortlessly.

How It Works

  • Sign Up: Configure your domains with a parked DMARC record. Setup is quick and seamless.
  • Set and Forget: Once your domains are registered, our system vigilantly monitors your DMARC records.
  • Receive Notifications: The moment a DMARC record is activated, we send an alert directly to you, ensuring you’re informed and in control.

Secure Your Parked Domains from Impersonation.

With Parked DMARC, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your parked domains are monitored around the clock. Secure your digital presence against unauthorized use without the complexity or cost of full-fledged DMARC services.

Join the proactive domain owners who trust Parked DMARC to keep their digital assets secure. Sign up today and shield your domains with the simplest, most effective monitoring solution available.

Understanding Parked Domains


A parked domain is a registered domain name that is not associated with any active services like email or a website. These domains are typically held for future use, brand protection, or investment purposes. In the context of your service, a parked domain specifically does not send or receive emails and is inactive concerning typical domain functionalities.

What a Parked Domain Is Not

  • It is not a low-usage domain where limited but regular email communication occurs.
  • It is not actively involved in the current marketing or operational activities of a business.
  • It is not configured for sending out newsletters, customer communications, or any form of digital marketing.

Who Would Find Monitoring Parked Domains Helpful?

  • Brand Managers: To protect against brand impersonation and misuse, ensuring no unauthorized use of the domain occurs.
  • IT Security Professionals: To safeguard against cyber threats that might exploit inactive domains.
  • Domain Investors: Who own multiple domains and need to ensure their assets do not get compromised.
  • Legal and Compliance Teams: Ensuring that their intellectual property is protected from infringement or unauthorized use.

Current Guidance and Enhancements Offered by Parked DMARC


Traditionally, managing DMARC policies for parked domains has been challenging due to:

  • Lack of Email Configuration: Parked domains do not typically have mail servers set up, complicating DMARC report reception and processing.
  • Technical Overhead: Setting up DNS records correctly for domains that are not in active use still requires technical know-how and time.
  • Resource Allocation: Manually monitoring each domain for abuse or misconfiguration can be resource-intensive.
dmarc report

How Parked DMARC Improves the Situation

  • Automated Alerts and Monitoring: Parked DMARC provides real-time notifications and monitoring without the need for active email services on the domain. This removes the necessity for mail server configurations on parked domains.
  • Simplified Management Via API: Users can manage and monitor hundreds of domains through a simple API, integrating with existing IT systems and processes efficiently.
  • Cost-Effective Strategy: With a minimal fee per domain, businesses can affordably secure their domain assets without the burden of detailed reporting, which is unnecessary for inactive domains.
  • Comprehensive Security Posture: By focusing solely on alerting domain owners of potential misuse or unexpected DMARC records, Parked DMARC ensures that all domains, active or not, are under constant surveillance, thereby enhancing overall digital asset management.

Parked DMARC addresses the specific needs of domain owners who require vigilant monitoring without the complexities and expenses associated with full-scale DMARC reporting services. This tailored approach ensures that even domains that are not visibly active are still protected, reinforcing a robust cybersecurity framework for businesses and individuals alike.

Ready to Start?

DMARC Report is designed for large scale reporting needs, with a combination of domains and message volume.