Malware, Ransomware, And Trojan

Malware, ransomware, and trojan are a few common forms of threats that may reach you through phishing emails. Here is a brief idea of such threats.

  • Malware is software designed to damage, disrupt, and gain unauthorized access to an organization’s network system. Malicious actors often send executable or downloadable files containing malware through emails. The threat actor can control the network remotely by gaining access to it.
  • Ransomware is different from malware; it restricts the target from accessing data in their information systems by encrypting it. It places a ransom demand for the target, satisfying which will provide access to the restricted data by decrypting it. The ransom is usually required to be paid in cryptocurrency. One of the most recent and disruptive ransomware attacks was the Colonial Pipeline Attack in May 2021.
  • Trojans are malware that disguises themselves as a legitimate program and takes control of your information network system. These viruses pretend to be operational programs and perform destructive actions before you realize their presence.