DMARC Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know About Email Authentication Protocols


There has been an increase in the proportion of business email compromise (BEC) and spoofing attacks targeting organizations. And as much as we might try and explore the reasons for the surge in successful cyberattacks, the real problem lies with our perceptions and misconceptions. After all, how can a message coming from an organizational domain address be infected with malware? Taking advantage of this user trust in the reputation of domains, adversaries launch targeted phishing attacks, often causing irreversible losses to organizations.

This eBook has attempted to highlight how such attacks can be stopped. Using DMARC technology within organizational networks ensures greater email deliverability and reduces the risk of cyber fraud. Each chapter of the book aims to provide concise answers to the Whys and Hows that usually crowd the minds of professionals trying to learn more about DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

This book can become a valuable resource for beginners to DMARC technology or professionals interested in expanding their knowledge on email security measures. However, the simple, precise, and to-the-point address of DMARC and related concepts in the book DMARC Fundamentals makes it suitable for all cybersecurity enthusiasts.