A Guide to Choosing the Best DMARC Reporting Tool for Your Business

If you thought that simply deploying DMARC on your email ecosystem was sufficient to ensure comprehensive protection against spoofing and phishing attacks, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise! Unfortunately, DMARC isn’t a “deploy and done” authentication protocol. To steer malicious actors away from your domain and ensure that your email lands in the intended receiver’s inbox, an extensive analysis of DMARC deployment is crucial. 

A DMARC report employs RUA and RUF tags to give you insights into the authentication results of emails claiming to be from the domain, including whether the emails passed or failed authentication checks. As a domain owner or an MSP, you can leverage these reports to analyze your/your client’s email traffic, keep a tab on potential phishing attempts, and take corrective actions to improve email authentication

But from where do you get such information? There are a plethora of dedicated tools that generate DMARC reports to help you gain an understanding of your email authentication practices. Let us take a look at some of the best ones and help you find the right DMARC report analyzer for your business. 

DMARC Report

DMARC Report is a one-stop solution designed to streamline the management and optimization of DMARC by giving you detailed and actionable insights into how well your domains are authenticated with DMARC and if there are any upgrades or downgrades required. Trusted by MSPs, service providers, and businesses, the tool reviews and analyzes every single email that claims to come from your domain and sends you real-time reports on the ones that fail authentication.


  • Get DMARC aggregate reports into authentication results and know whether your emails passed or failed authentication checks 
  • Get instant DMARC forensic reports in case an email fails DMARC authentication 
  • MSPs can white-label the DMARC Report with their logo and customize the reporting URL as their own
  • Seamlessly integrate DMARC reports into your apps with the powerful REST API
  • Offers on-demand compliance for businesses operating within the European GDPR framework
  • AI-powered threat intelligence engine that identifies abusive IP addresses based on behavioral and historical data


  • Starter ($0/month): Send 10,000 compliant messages/month from 1 domain
  • Standard ($100/month): 2 million compliant messages/month from 25 Domains
  • Enterprise ($400/month): 5 Million compliant messages/month from 100 Domains


PowerDMARC is a SaaS platform that assists organizations in deploying, monitoring, and analyzing various email authentication protocols, including DMARC, to prevent email threats and enhance deliverability. The DMARC Analyzer by PowerDMARC helps organizations analyze and interpret the DMARC monitoring data generated by their email receivers. Apart from DMARC analysis, this cloud-based platform provides additional email authentication services such as hosted MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, BIMI, and SPF record flattening. 


  • Receive aggregate and forensic reports about DMARC implementation in an organized, easy-to-understand format
  • Leverage the multi-tenant platform with a partnership model to rebrand DMARC reporting services and sell them as yours 
  • Gain insights into your email’s headers and monitor your domain’s reputation
  • Keep a tab on potential spoofing attacks with a real-time threat map
  • Get DMARC reports in a language that you or your client understands with a multi-lingual control panel that supports 11 languages 


  • Free ($0/month): For personal, non-commercial use only
  • Basic ($8/month): For Startups/Small Businesses
  • Enterprise (Quote on Request): For large organizations 
  • MSP/MSSP (Quote on Request): For MSPs looking to further sell DMARC reporting services 

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EasyDMARC is a trusted email authentication and deliverability platform that helps you configure your domains with email authentication protocols and identify any loopholes in existing 

security measures. With a seamless, easy-to-use interface, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including the DMARC Reporting tools, that render full visibility of your email channel by converting aggregate XML reports and failure reports into an easy-to-comprehend visual interface. 


  • Gain insights into how your domain is being used and identify any potential phishing attacks targeting your domain with DMARC Failure (Forensic) Reports
  • Seamlessly classify all your sending sources and filter raw data with ease
  • Get access to a dashboard for situational analysis
  • Get an in-depth visual insight into email sending traffic, with a special focus on DMARC compliance, non-compliance, threats, and forwarded email locations in each country and region


  • Free ($0/month): Send 10,000 emails from 1 domain
  • Plus ($35.99/month): Send upto unlimited emails from 2 domains
  • Premium ($71.99/month): Send upto unlimited emails from 4 domains
  • Enterprise (Quote on Request): Send upto unlimited emails from a custom quantity of domains


MailerCheck is an email verification tool that provides businesses insights into the overall health of their email channels by offering extensive reports. The platform offers a suite of email deliverability tools that they can use to maintain their sender reputation and improve email deliverability. The DMARC monitoring and reporting tool by MailerCheck is one such tool that tracks the use of your domain in real-time so that you can make necessary changes to DMARC before it’s too late.


  • Leverage DMARC Wizard to create your DMARC policy in seconds
  • Access information on the IPs sending emails on behalf of your domain 
  • Get advice on recommendations to take in the case of DMARC failures
  • Mark the IPs you own as favorites to keep them separate from other activities.


  • Free ($0 /month): For 1 DMARC domain 
  • Basic ($125 /month): For 10 DMARC domains
  • Premium ($275 /month): For 20 DMARC domains
  • Enterprise ($975 /month): For unlimited DMARC domains

Final Words

The email authentication industry is replete with tools and resources that offer detailed DMARC reports, but which one is right for you? Apart from the features and the pricing, it is imperative that you choose a platform that offers a scope of scalability, understands the needs evolving needs of your business, and stays on top of the latest security trends in the industry. 

At DMARC Report, we recognize the importance of maintaining a secure email infrastructure for smooth operations and growth of your business. This is why we bring to you a wide range of DMARC services that are tailored to cater to your extensive domain portfolio. For further information about our DMARC reporting solutions, speak to one of our experts today! 

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