Hosted Email Security for Enterprises

Enforce email encryption so attackers can’t intercept your messages.

MTA-STS Encrypts Incoming Emails

The Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) protocol is a widespread standard that drastically improves email security. It works by enforcing the encryption of emails sent to your domain, ensuring that incoming messages are not received in unsecured cleartext. This prevents cybercriminals from viewing email traffic, tampering with emails, and adding malicious attachments.

DMARC Report Offers a Hosted MTA-STS Solution

Deploy MTA-STS security through DMARC Report

DMARC Report users can establish MTA-STS protocols for incoming emails, ensuring that your organization is protected against some of the most frequent types of email-based attacks. Our solution makes email security easy in six key ways:

  • With our help, you can publish your DNS CNAME records with a few short clicks.
  • We host your MTA-STAS services, so all you have to do is publish a few records.
  • With our help, you can publish your DNS CNAME records with a few short clicks.
  • We handle policy web server maintenance and certificate hosting so you don’t have to.
  • Make MTA-STS policy changes directly through the DMARC Report dashboard.
  • Enjoy RFC-Compliant email security that supports the latest TLS encryption standards.
  • Simplify email security: let us generate certificates and enforce policies for you.

How MTA-STS Works

MTA-STS secures email deliverability in two ways:

  • It enforces TLS encryption for all incoming emails.
  • It provides MX records from an HTTPS-secured server.

The MTA-STS protocol tells any SMTP mail server sending mail to your domain that it will only accept emails over a TLS-encrypted connection. If the sending server and the receiving server fail to negotiate an encrypted channel, the email is simply not delivered – malicious mail won’t arrive in your inbox.

Major email service providers like Microsoft, Oath, and Google rely on MTA-STS to keep their users safe. You can do the same by establishing MTA-STS protocols in your email system. View our detailed implementation guide to learn more.

Your Organizations Needs MTA-STS

This email security protocol protects against a wide variety of common threats:

  • Pervasive monitoring attacks where cybercriminals conduct covert surveillance on email traffic and look for an opportunity to strike.
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks where cybercriminals impersonate both the sending and receiving server in order to manipulate email content.
  • SMTP downgrade attacks, which prevent the encryption of email in transit between different email hosting providers.
  • DNS spoofing attacks, where cybercriminals alter Domain Name records to redirect traffic to malicious websites.

Implement Our Hosted MTA-STS Solution through DMARC Report

Send and receive emails through TLS-encrypted communications and prevent widespread email fraud from impacting your users!