Absolutely. DMARC Report is designed specifically for businesses to whitelabel the interface. It is designed for you to provide services to your clients, branded with your domain. 

Our roadmap is published at Feel free to add your own suggestion or vote on other people’s requests. 

Yes, you can add additional volume to your plan. 

Please contact support and they can help you with additional email or domain volume. 

5 Domains – $5/month

100,000* additional messages – $5/month

*Limits apply to the number of total messages processed. 

All accounts are billed by default on a credit card. If your organization requires an alternative method we accept checks, ACH and wire transfer on annual accounts. 

Currently the interface is only in English. But feel free to make a suggestion on our public roadmap

Currently, there are no integrations with DMARC Report. If you have a suggestion of an integration, request it on the public roadmap

Aggregate DMARC reports do not include any PII or any other sensitive information, however, Forensic Reports may inadvertently leak this type of information. If you are concerned about possible PII exposure only enable Aggregate reporting. 

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