15 Anti-Spoofing Service Providers Other than Red Sift

Spoofing attacks involve the impersonation of legitimate entities through email, websites, or other online communication channels, often with malicious intent. Red Sift is a well-known player in the field of anti-spoofing services. However, many other service providers offer effective solutions to combat spoofing attacks. In this blog, we will explore 15 anti-spoofing service providers, each with its unique features and capabilities.


Valimail provides email authentication and anti-phishing solutions to protect email communication from spoofing and phishing attacks. One of their key offerings is the implementation of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) — a robust email authentication protocol that enables organizations to specify which email sources are legitimate, effectively preventing unauthorized senders from using their domain for email communication. Valimail’s expertise in DMARC implementation ensures that only authorized senders can send emails on behalf of your organization, bolstering email security and reducing the risk of fraudulent email attacks.  

DMARC Report

DMARC Report is dedicated to providing comprehensive anti-spoofing services to businesses and organizations. Their offerings include DMARC analysis and reporting, DMARC implementation support, and anti-spoofing training and education. DMARC Report ensures that it is configured correctly and efficiently. They also offer valuable training and educational resources to help organizations understand and manage the DMARC protocol effectively. With their expertise, DMARC Report empowers businesses and organizations to protect their brand reputation and fortify their email security.


Agari is a specialized provider that places a strong focus on advanced email threat protection. Their services extend to addressing business email compromise (BEC) attacks, phishing, and spoofing. Agari employs their proprietary Identity Graph technology to identify and block malicious email senders. By analyzing email sender behavior and patterns, Agari can help discern legitimate senders from fraudulent ones.

This technology aids in the early detection and prevention of email-based threats, enhancing the security of an organization’s email communication. Agari’s solutions are particularly valuable for organizations dealing with sophisticated email threats, as they provide an extra layer of defense against malicious actors who attempt to compromise email communications.


Proofpoint is known for its comprehensive email security solutions that offer protection against various email-based threats, including spoofing. Their services encompass several crucial elements, such as email authentication, threat detection, and email encryption. Email authentication is pivotal in ensuring that incoming emails are from legitimate sources. This is complemented by robust threat detection mechanisms that identify and neutralize email-based threats. Email encryption safeguards the confidentiality of email content.

Proofpoint’s comprehensive approach to email security covers various aspects, making it a reliable choice for organizations seeking to protect their email communication from a wide range of threats.


Mimecast is a renowned email security and archiving service provider. They specialize in safeguarding organizations from a wide range of email-based threats, including email spoofing, malware, and other security risks. Mimecast offers email authentication and security solutions to ensure the integrity of email communications. Their services are designed to protect organizations against email-based attacks by implementing robust security measures, such as threat detection and archiving, which helps organizations maintain email data safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Barracuda Networks is a provider of email security solutions with a strong focus on anti-spoofing features. They leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to proactively detect and prevent email threats. Barracuda’s approach ensures that an organization’s email communication remains secure by identifying and blocking malicious email senders, thereby reducing the risk of email spoofing and phishing attacks.

AI-Powered Email Security

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GreatHorn specializes in email security and offers protection against email-based threats. Their platform is equipped with machine learning capabilities that continuously analyze and detect email anomalies, malicious content, and spoofing attempts. This proactive approach allows organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and provides an additional layer of defense against email spoofing.

Vade Secure

Vade Secure provides email security solutions that are highly effective in protecting against phishing and spoofing attacks. Their platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analysis to identify and block suspicious emails. Vade Secure’s approach adds an extra level of protection by actively monitoring incoming emails for indicators of phishing or spoofing, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to such attacks.

Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense offers comprehensive email security services with a strong focus on anti-spoofing features. They harness threat intelligence and machine learning technologies to defend organizations against email-based attacks. Cisco’s approach ensures that email communications are safeguarded from malicious actors attempting to impersonate legitimate entities, enhancing overall email security.

Symantec (Norton LifeLock)

Symantec Enterprise Cloud, now part of Norton LifeLock, is a trusted provider of email security services. Their solutions protect against various email-based threats. With features like threat detection and encryption, Symantec’s services provide a robust defense against malicious emails, enhancing the overall security of an organization’s email communication.


Ironscales is a comprehensive anti-phishing platform that employs machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and mitigate email-based attacks. IronScales’ proactive approach helps organizations identify and respond to potential email-based threats, thereby strengthening their email security posture.


Trustwave offers email security and anti-spoofing services designed to protect organizations against email threats. Their solutions include features like email authentication and threat detection. By implementing these measures, Trustwave helps organizations combat spoofing and phishing attacks and maintain the integrity of their email communications.


Cofense provides a range of services, including phishing training and simulation. This offering is particularly beneficial as it educates employees and helps them recognize and respond to phishing attempts effectively, thus reducing the human factor in email-based threats. In addition to training, Cofense also offers anti-spoofing services, offering a multi-pronged approach equips organizations with the tools and knowledge to proactively defend against email spoofing and phishing, making it a valuable resource in the battle against cyber threats.


PowerDMARC simplifies the often complex process of DMARC deployment and management. It provides businesses with the means to configure DMARC policy, authenticate email sources, and receive detailed reports on email authentication status. By actively monitoring DMARC reports, organizations can gain insights into their email authentication practices, helping them identify unauthorized use of their domain. This not only enhances email security but also contributes to brand protection and trustworthiness in the digital realm.


EasyDMARC provides a convenient platform for organizations to establish DMARC policies, specify how to handle unauthorized emails, and authenticate legitimate sources. Through its cloud-based approach, EasyDMARC reduces the technical complexities associated with DMARC implementation, making it accessible to a wider range of organizations. By monitoring DMARC data, EasyDMARC aids organizations in assessing their email authentication practices and pinpointing any potential issues.

Final Words

In a world where email spoofing and phishing attacks are persistent threats, these service providers offer valuable tools and services to enhance email security and reduce the risks associated with malicious emails. Whether through employee training, DMARC implementation, or simplified monitoring, these providers play an essential role in helping businesses and organizations protect their digital communications from spoofing and phishing. Contact us to learn more.

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